Mona Naimi

Mona Naimi

Mona Naimi, DD (Saskatoon)

Mona has always been creative, artistic and sociable, so becoming a denturist was the perfect career choice for her. In 2018, she gained experience in lab procedures and denture fabrication leading her to pursue her education at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

Upon graduating from NAIT in April of 2021, she worked full time as a licensed Denturist in rural Saskatchewan before joining Saskatoon Denture Clinic in September of 2022. She is very grateful to be furthering her career in Saskatoon and is excited to be caring for patients in the city she grew up in!

Mona prides herself in her attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics. She is dedicated to finding the right unique solution for each of her patients and believes everyone deserves to be treated like family. Trust her with your smile and you will get one in return!

We make beautiful smiles.