Choosing dentures can be a overwhelming process when you have lots of questions. To help answer your questions we have compiled the most common questions we receive to help ease your mind and make your decision an informed one.

There are various stages that we go through to ensure the customer is knowledgable of the various denture procedures and comfortable with the end result. We even recommend post adjustment appointments to make certain the dentures are a perfect fit.

Denturists are qualified specialists who provide quality, custom dentures. They are committed to creating dentures that fit well, look attractive and allow you to maintain a healthy mouth. Denturists are registered and licensed with the Saskatchewan Denturist Association.

Over time, your mouth goes through considerable changes in the same way as the rest of the body. There will be tissue shrinkage and the loss of the underlying bone on which your dentures rests. Since your dentures do not change, they may no longer fit like they once did.

An Equilibrated Denture are made to function as much like your natural teeth as possible by using precise measurements of your face and jaw to mimic the movements in relation to your jaw. An Equilibrated Denture provides excellent function, fit, comfort and appearance.

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