This means the denture teeth are arranged to function smoothly following the path of the jaw as a patient goes though the chewing process. The denture teeth placement allows for a grinding side and on the opposite side the teeth will have a balance contact.

Equilibrated Denture

It is extremely important that an upper and lower denture function as two units harmoniously in relation to the joint movement to prevent the dentures from rocking or tipping while chewing or biting into food. If teeth are set in centric position (open and close position only) this can lead to problems with chewing, constant soreness of gums, feeling of looseness, excessive food collecting under the dentures.

The dentures are then completed using the highest quality denture acrylic.

At Saskatoon Denture Clinic we feel everyone should receive the highest quality care. We do not ever use a poor quality teeth or acrylic and never compromise on the procedures to ensure a patient has received the best treatment plan for them.

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